This summer, GOES GmbH has completed the most advanced one truck Coiled tubing unit. This 6 axles coiled tubing unit is special design for one truck mounted of whole CT system which consists Coiled tubing Reel, power pack, hydraulic hose reels and injector, stripper, BOP, lubricator and high pressure parts. The optimal compacted design reduced two trucks into one truck.

  • Dimensions are as per customer request (LxWxH): 15m x 2,55m x 4,5m
  • This lightweight module is equipped with a thermal insulated telescopic operator’s cabin with hydraulic lifting system for limit the height of transportation meanwhile provide operator comfortable working environment with full view during operation.
  • The modification of special frame and the additional axles enable the unit to carry maximum capacity of string in one truck (24 t).
    o    2”- 4700m
    o    1,75”-6200m
    o    1.5” – 8500m

Additionally, some features are added for security and easy jobs.

  • Efficient light system is adopted with one searchlight for injector and two portable floodlights for working area lighting.
  • Installation of video surveillance system with 3 cameras, recording device and monitor.
  • Foldable walkway with safety guard for easy and safe rig-up.