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Serinus Energy authorized Tacrom Drilling to drill Moftinu – 1007


Serinus Energy is pleased to announce that the Moftinu – 1007 well was spudded in Romania on the 20th of May 2018. The well is the re-drill of the Moftinu – 1001. The planned total depth of the well is 1,463 metres and the drilling to total depth is estimated to take approximately three to […]

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Tacrom Drilling started a Turnkey Project for Romgaz in the Medias field


Tacrom Drilling started a Turnkey Project for Romgaz in the Medias field. This field is one of the oldest fields in the area and was discovered in 1909.

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Following-Up Contract with Expert Petroleum


After successful deepening of four wells in the Ticleni field in April 2017, Tacrom Drilling awarded an additional three wells contract in the area of Ticleni and Timis.

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New Drilling Contract signed with Expert Petroleum


Romanian based Operator Expert Petroleum awarded a four well drilling contract to Tacrom Drilling SRL. The four wells shall be drilled in the Ticleni field with the newly upgraded (new and improved engine, transmission and draw-works) Cardwell Rig, Futura 5.

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10 Years Tacrom Services

Layer 2

Everything started with a competition between companies with the goal to place market shares in Romania for stimulation services. Equipped with brand new equipment “made in Germany”, a new local crew and an experienced stimulation engineer, Tacrom Services faced the challenge and gathered the first long term contract. From this moment on a continuous drive of implementing new technology for customers is the main force of motivation for the entire team.

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GOES GmbH Released 6 Axles Truck-mounted Coiled Tubing Unit


This summer, GOES GmbH has completed the most advanced one truck Coiled tubing unit. This 6 axles coiled tubing unit is special design for one truck mounted of whole CT system which consists Coiled tubing Reel, power pack, hydraulic hose reels and injector, stripper, BOP, lubricator and high pressure parts. The optimal compacted design reduced two trucks into one truck.

Dimensions are as per customer request (LxWxH): 15m x 2,55m x 4,5m
This lightweight module is equipped with a thermal insulated telescopic operator’s cabin with hydraulic lifting system for limit the height of transportation meanwhile provide operator comfortable working environment with full view during operation.

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Divizia B

Divizia C

Divizia D

About the company

KATT GmbH is the mother company of the group, which has three distinct business offerings.

The Sales of oilfield related products, direct associated with KATT GmbH, located in Celle, Germany.

The manufacturing of Upstream Oilfield Equipment and subsidiary GOES GmbH located in Wesendorf, Germany.

And the subsidiaries for Upstream Oilfield Services Tacrom Services and Tacrom Drilling, located in Ploiesti Romania.